Training, Workshops, & Events

VO Pros

The VO Pros is a supportive and exclusive environment that invites talent and industry professionals to connect at our studio in Los Angeles and via Zoom. Their guest directors include casting directors, producers and directors in all genres of VO, as well as, agents, managers, and reputable coaches. Talent gain knowledge and valuable career information from pro guests and get to perform and receive direction and feedback.

The Green Room

The Green Room is an online acting school offering 6 week Introductory and Advanced voice over classes, as well as one day workshops in more specialized genres such as Audiobooks. It also hosts "The Practice", an ongoing membership where voice actors and screen actors alike can find weekly practice assignments, an active community outside of Facebook, and multiple weekly live Zoom office hours with instructors to receive guidance on real world auditions, industry questions, and their practice work.


Tennessee Voice Over Studios was founded by veteran voice actor and coach Christi Bowen. With the help of fellow veteran voice acting coaches and mentors, Christi launched TNVO Studios with the idea to give a more in-depth and honest look at the voiceover business and what it takes to make it a career. TNVO Studios uses the 3 Star Method (taken from the 3 stars of the Tennessee State emblem) to teach the fundamental areas that all voice actors must know – performance, business and technical skills.

Love That Improv VO

LoveThatImprovVO provides improvisation workouts and training online for Voice actors.  A VO workout that's different, fun, and with peers, giving you improvisation training or practice to bolster your VO acting. Join peers online in workouts or classes led by pro improvisors and voice artists. Choose an available event or create one with friends. 


Demo Dream Team

Choose the Demo Dream Team for Experience and World Class Treatment.  Together, they have decades of professional expertise in each relevant industry field.  They know a demo is a first impression and sometimes the most important impression you will make with buyers or agents.  Your demo must represent you and what you do best.  

Ear Blowing Audio Productions

Eric Romanowski of Ear Blowing Audio Productions is a Voiceover Demo Producer who thrives on collaborating with talent to elevate their career. He's produced demos for the biggest names in Commercial, Narration, Promo, Radio Imaging and Affiliate, such as Ben Patrick Johnson, Kay Bess, Brian Lee, Sylvia Villagran and Steve Stone. As one of the most sought after demo producers internationally, Eric is consistently referred by top VO agents/managers for their talent.

A-Mazing Demos

Cliff Zellman of A-Mazing Demos has over 25 years’ experience producing custom audio and video demos for the professional voice over industry with a focus on commercial, automotive and video gaming. Each demo is carefully crafted to fit the needs of each artist, written specifically for each demo. Copy that brings out the talent’s unique brand & personality. Award winning production to mirror any genre, national, regional or local. And if you just need a few fresh spots in your current demo, we can help you with that too.
Website Creation & Hosting

Upper Level Hosting

Founded by Brad Newman, a voice actor, UpperLevel Hosting offers hands-on, personable, and around-the-clock support.

Voice Actor Websites

Voice Actor Websites is a web development and digital marketing company focused on providing solutions custom made specifically for the voice over community. They provide fast, mobile-friendly, responsive websites that are attractive, easy to read and easy to use. Their customized drag and drop interface lets you have control of your website without ever having to touch code.

The VO Edge

The VO Edge is an on-demand LinkedIn focused marketing course for voice actors with two hours of content broken into 7 modules. Taught by Tracy Lindley, students will learn her signature 3-step method to build a loyal client base through a free LinkedIn account.

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