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I'm Nikki Lu Lowe - A voice actor 18+ years, business woman of 25+ and a creative hustler  I'm driven by my love of organizing, brainstorming, and creating clearer paths forward to help voice actors reach their goals.

With a background in teaching, software implementation, workflow restructuring and project management, I bring a personal and customized approach to identifying where businesses might be struggling and helping them explore solutions. In addition to the logistics, I’ll share ideas that will inspire, motivate, and fuel your drive to forward.

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Nikki was awesome, very knowledgeable about branding, and the business of voiceover. She took the time to really listen to my goals and needs which led to the opportunity for her to share next steps that would help me not only reach my goals but needs as well. I loved how she was able to tailor a plan specific to me, which made me feel like the plan wasn't a one size fits all plan and that's what sets Nikki a part!
Falecia D.
It’s been fantastic Nikki is the bomb!
PEter G.
Nikki was extremely helpful and was able to identify the next steps needed to be successful with my VO career.
Allen P.
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