The Drive

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Go beyond the craft – Understand, organize & begin to strengthen the structure of your voiceover business to drive it forward!

“The Drive” walks you through structuring your voiceover business in small, digestible sections packed with explanations, examples, stories, resources, downloads and a whole lotta love.  Almost 2 hours of content broken down into manageable sections to give you a solid foundation on what to do now that you have vo training and your studio.  And an added bonus!  The course has been reviewed by other successful voice actors and some of the top voice coaches in the country, incorporating their thoughts and experiences.

Please Note
– The Drive is a course for people who have started the journey into voiceover.  They have trained or are actively training and have their studio set up or are on their way to setting it up.  This course does not explain how to get into voiceover.
– Your level of success is 100% determined by the amount of effort you put towards each task and goal. I may not recommend specific software because software features should be based on your personal workflow process- never vice versa.

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